• Sometimes the monotony and mundane of stay-at-home-mumlife is overwhelming. I'll question what I have done and scroll through Seek to fantasize about what another life would be like - the grass is always greener right? Then I have to slap myself and be grateful for the fact that I get to be at home with my babies every day, watching tv and reading stories and playing Lego and meeting friends for coffee at the park. I'm so lucky. Other mums are probably at work wishing they could be at home on the couch watching Moana with a clingy koala son climbing all over them and an almost 3 year old dancing around entertaining them. So in the midst of all the snot and the drool and lack of personal space and my requests to stop jumping on the couch being ignored and all the thankless tasks I performed today, I sat back and was really truly grateful for this messy beautiful chaos that is all mine, that I chose. Because I'm going to blink and they're both going to be in school, I'll be back at work and these lazy days all together on the couch will be a sweet memory. The days are long, the years are certainly short ❤💙
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  • Because every girl needs her "orange lipstick" 😂 2 going on 12. Honestly, this kid... ❤
  • My children exhausted me today. Or maybe it's just been a really long week.. But then I get into bed and look at today's camera roll and find all these gems 😍 they're both just so bloody beautiful ❤ 💙 I hope your babies let you get some sleep tonight, and mine too! 🙏 nighty night 🌙 #mumlife #motherhood #lifewithtoddlers #motherhoodunplugged #uniteinmotherhood #dashiellquinn #millaplum
  • Dash and I co-slept for the first 3.5 months of his life. I didn't plan to, but he would absolutely not sleep in his bassinet (or on his back) and I was feeding him about 4-5 times a night so it meant I got more sleep not having to get out of bed. It's actually a really sweet memory, I'm so glad we had that precious time together. I'll tell you what isn't sweet.. Sharing a bed with a 13 month old who is sick, over tired and makes it his business to sleep on every inch of a king size bed. I feel like I've had about 5 minutes sleep 😭 poor little dude is so snotty. And a blocked nose does not work well with a dummy. Not to mention I also feel like I'm dying. Please send us healthy vibes 🙏 #fuckingdaycare #mumlife #dashiellquinn #13months #sickbubba #sickmumma
  • ✨13 months with my little dude. And the time just keeps flying by 😭💙 #dashiellquinn #mumlife
  • Miss Plum has been an emotional, moody little person this week. I feel like I've been walking on egg shells just trying to keep her happy and avoid complete melt downs.. Yesterday was an absolute doozy!  Such a rollercoaster, this mum gig. But it's finally the weekend and we have fun plans and I'm drinking wine so 🙌💃 And I actually put something up on the blog this week! (Yay I achieved something!) I wrote about the differences in my babies and how I managed to birth two humans who are completely opposite in almost every way. And the struggle I'm currently having with one child who couldn't care less about food and the other one is obsessed and crying if everyone is eating and he's not. There's no happy medium. Link in bio ☺ .
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  • Trying a short morning nap to try to force the second (longer) nap after all the nap refusals lately. It sort of worked yesterday although the afternoon nap was only an hour. He did then sleep through the night 🙌 🎉 so we're trying it again 🤞 Dash is not happy about being woken after 45 minutes though #dashiellquinn #naphack #mumlife 💙
  • Current nap time situation.. Watching Moana on her pillow counts right? Plum has only napped one day this week. She's 2 and 9 months on Sunday. I feel like our napping days are running out.. The upside is a 6pm bedtime 🙌 #millaplum #mumlife #naptime #daysarenumbered
  • Just sang this sweet girl to sleep 😍 I mean, I sing to her every night after stories while we have cuddles but this is the first time she's actually fallen asleep to my dulcet tones 😂 I complain about toddlerhood a lot but these are the sweetest of times that make me think I'd be quite happy if she stayed this little forever. Milla Plum at 2 and almost 9 months is actually pretty wonderful ❤ #millaplum #mumlife

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