• Milla Plum is constantly blowing me away with her language skills. She cracks me up with all the expressions she knows and pulls them out when I least expect them.. She's such a funny little kid.. When she's being loud and Dash is sleeping: 
Me: "Shh, we don't want to wake Dashi"
Plum: "oh he'll be fine"
When she asks for something I don't want her to have:
Me: "Hmm no, I don't think so Plum"
Plum: "I'll take that as a yes"
I tell her when she's funny and even though she knows the phrase "you crack me up"..
Me: "You're funny Plummy"
Plum: "you crack me down" .
When I tell her she's only got one more Sarah Duck ep before bed time:
Plum: "Two more Sarah Ducks "
Me: "No, one"
Plum: "Ok..... Five more Sarah Ducks"
Me: 😐😂
When I ask her to do something..
Plum: "hmm, maybe later"
Me: "umm ok. Whenever you're ready Plum 🙄"
How is she only two? 😂😍
  • New blog post ✨ Mum of two, one year in 👧👶 While this week seems to be kicking my butt, I did manage to get a post up on the blog today which I wrote a few weeks ago when I was in a much better mood 😂 it talks about my (really positive) feelings about going from one to two kids.. Before my children (really, mostly Dash) tried to break me. Is it bed time yet? 😴 #tomorrowisanewday
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  • At the park this morning, a council worker came up to us and asked if we'd participate in a survey about park satisfaction. How awesome is that? I got to voice my opinion that ALL parks should be fenced.. See that road? See the lake? See my 2 year old who is a runner and thinks my requests to stop are hilarious? He followed up with "How often do you come here?" (Pretty sure that wasn't a pick up line 🤔) "A whole lot more often if it was fenced". I think he got the idea. I also said there should be more play equipment for little kids.. I'm pretty much broken now after lifting a toddler and a bobbler (baby who is almost a toddler 😂) above my head to get up to the slide. My only other request was a coffee cart.. I'm not sure if he took that one seriously or not.. But it was really nice to be asked my opinion on such things! Happy Friday friends 🎉 #madeitthroughanotherweek #mumlife #parkmom #backtonetflix #motherhood #lifewithbaby #lifewithtoddler #uniteinmotherhood
  • The blog is back! Thanks to Miles for sorting out the technical issues of switching hosts and rebuilding the WordPress site. And about $70 on a theme to make it look a bit more profesh 🤓 feel free to help a sister out, give it some loving and share! Full update on Dash at one year old is up there. I had to go back through old posts to add all the images which got lost in the transfer and it was actually so nice to read back over everything and remember all the little details you tend to forget over the years ❤ 💙 .
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  • Oh just another one of Plum looking ridiculously grown up ☺ can't believe she is almost preschool age. The first year of being a mum went really slowly for me tbh, but since then it's just flying by and I'm trying to appreciate all of the slow, lazy days at home where we don't have any commitments to be anywhere. Getting Plum ready for daycare in the morning can take forever and we always just make it there before the bell.. Kinda nervous about when I have to get two kids ready for school every morning. Time can just slow down now please! 😝 #mumlife #motherhood #uniteinmotherhood #terrifictwos #toddler #almostpreschooler #millaplum ❤
  • Plum looked so cute and grown up today I just had to get a photo of her outside her school and she happily obliged. She's been so delightful today, I didn't actually want to drop her off, but the reunion at 330pm was all the sweeter. Now to read her stories in bed, sing her the theme music from outlander about 5 times and try not to fall asleep cuddling her #millaplum #mumlife #terrifictwos #2goingon12
  • I may not have got my sleep in today and I may have made my own waffles for breakfast.. but I also got to have snuggly cuddles with Plum who replies with "i love you too, mum" when I tell her I love her. And when I walk into the room, little Dash man says "mumumumum" and holds his arms out for me to pick him up. And I have a husband who stays up late to give the baby a bottle so I get some sleep, who changes nappies without ever complaining or saying "it's your turn", who helps me with the bath and bedtime chaos every single day. He tells me I'm beautiful, that I'm doing an awesome job and that he appreciates me when I'm feeling like I'm just a slave to tiny humans. The idea of a fancy brunch with a 1 and 2 year old sends shivers down my spine so instead we took the kids to a play centre with friends, got to watch them have fun and just be thankful for this little family of mine which is actually pretty perfect. Happy mother's day to my beautiful mum @sistahsoo and mum-in-law @zinigaga .. If there was a choice I would have picked you both a million times over. Thank you for everything you do for us ❤ hope all you mummas out there have had a sweet day 😘 #mumlife #isthebestlife #mothersday
  • Safe to say.. My kids love a party. Wonder where they got that from? 🤔 Dash had a pretty sweet, relaxed little afternoon soiree for his first birthday. Thank you to my (qld) dearest for being there 😘 #dashturnsone #dashiellquinn #firstbirthday #mumlife 💙
  • Happy birthday my darling boy Dash. You have brought me so much joy over the last year, the boy I didn't know I needed. Everything about your birth and babyhood has been so healing for me - from breastfeeding, eating and napping so well (let's not talk about night sleep which is now thankfully pretty amazing.. Only took a year!) to being such a chilled out, relaxed little dude who stares at me with adoring eyes and cuddles in to me like a baby koala. I'm actually so sad to be saying goodbye to this stage with you but excited to see you grow up and get up to mischief with your sis. As I type this I can see your cheeky smile and hear that gorgeous giggle as you get into something you know you're not supposed to. I'm actually a little bit nervous about toddlerhood with Mr Cheeky and Miss Crazy 😬 just don't stop being a mumma's boy ok? 💙 #babydashiell #mumlife

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