• Where did this little 7 year old come from? 😍 Her current phrase is "I don't neeed you anymore mum. I can do it myself!" 😂 #missindependent #millaplum #mumlife #three ❤
  • My little dude's first day at school 💔 they grow up so fast! #dashiellquinn #mumlife #18monthsold
  • Milla Plum says good morning! 🌸💝
  • I mean.. Honestly. The curls! 😍😍😍 how did I make her?? #millaplum #three #mumlife ❤
  • I've always thought Dash's language might be a little slower to develop than Plum.. mostly because he often has a dummy in his mouth (we're working on it 😬) but he's also naturally been quieter than Plum (maybe he just can't get a word in 🙄). But I actually think he's got quite a few words sorted and we communicate pretty well.. For a 17 month old 😂 he has no problem letting his feelings be known! Such a sweety 😍💙 #dashiellquinn #mumlife #17monthsold
  • Going through so many "it's just a phase"s since miss muffet turned three, but one I'm quite happy with is the pigtails. She's so damn cute. Just as well! ❤ #millaplum #mumlife #three
  • Ok I had to post this. It makes me laugh every time I watch it. If you looked up the word "chatterbox" in the dictionary you'd find a picture of Plum 😂 always chatting away whilst Dash looks bewildered 😂😍 #millaplum #mumlife #three #chatterbox
  • I'm finding 3 and 1.5 years to be a very exhausting combination. Between toilet training, teething, sickness, separation anxiety, carrying 12kg+ on my hip 90% of the time, tantrums, fighting, dropping naps, communication frustration for one toddler while the other never stops talking, 3 year old behaviour pushing me to my limit, sleep going to shit and a certain plum in my bed every night (and refusing to stay in her own bed unless I'm with her), I've got nothing left! Tempers are short my friend, patience runs low.. and tbh I'd really just like to take a big nap - someone wake me when the current synchronised regression is over 😣😴 hold me! Please let me have my shit together again by Christmas 🙏 #mumlife #motherhood #lifewithtoddlers #threenager #20monthsapart
  • Just realised this smiley little (giant) cuddly (and clingy) koala son of mine is 17 months today! He's such a sweety, I think I'd be quite happy if he stayed this age forever 💙 #dashiellquinn #17monthsold #lifewithtoddlers #mumlife

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