Big girl bed success

The big girl bed transition has happened! Really it just happened out of nowhere and was pretty straight forward.. In the end! Almost two weeks ago I decided to lay down for nap time with Milla in the big bed. It was raining outside and I was tired so it was actually really nice to snuggle down together and have a nap. Later that night, I suggested that I lie down with her again for night time sleep and she agreed. I lay next to her for probably about 25 minutes but left her while she was still awake (because she takes forever to go to sleep!) saying I needed to go to the toilet and I’d come back to check on her (lies, all lies). She managed to put herself to sleep by herself and we didn’t hear another peep from her! We’ve done the same routine now for every nap and bedtime since (even the five nights in Noosa in a completely strange room/bed – she did so well!)

We start with story time while she has her bottle, then we turn off the lights and I stay with her for a “sleepover” for about 10-15 mins each night. After that, I make some excuse to leave and she is mostly ok with that (tonight she even said “Love you. Goodnight mum”). I think the glow dreaming with the red night light and sleepy time essential oils have been a huge help in getting her relaxed and not lying awake for ages. She doesn’t even attempt to get out of the bed or leave the room. In the mornings she stays in the bed and waits for me to get up and bring her out (as if she’s still in her cot). Bless ❤

Plum also said to me that she’s “not scared anymore”. 💔 It breaks my heart to think how scared she must have been when we tried to get her to sleep in the big bed the first couple of nights. I have to keep reminding myself that even though she can talk to me now and have a conversation, she can’t always put her feelings into words or even understand her own emotions. I’m glad we just left it a couple of months and let her choose the bed when she was ready. Let’s hope our new routine continues to go well!

Now if I could just get Dash to sleep through the night I would be winning at parenthood 😂

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